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Our Story

Acer Edge got it’s start when the founder, Bert, was looking for a career change and a flexible schedule. His sister had been a hairstylist for 13 years and suggested he explore shear sharpening. Being the detail oriented person he is, he quickly fell in love with routine and procedures used for sharpening. He began his shear training with Bonika Shears of Atlanta, GA. After training he then hit the road running.


Shear sharpening is a hard game to get into. There are people with no training and inadequate machines coming in shops and ruining stylist’s shears. Bert hit many closed doors because of this. However he pushed on and showed people through his work that he was the one to be trusted. After making a name for himself in the hair industry in Memphis, TN he then took his training to the next level. He traveled to Indiana to train with Edge Pro to hone his sharpening skills on clipper blades and grooming shears.


The newest excitement to the continuing story of Acer Edge is our lead sharpener Kaylen Webb. Who has also had outside training with Rick Diamond of Atlanta, GA. She also has a barbering background from London School of Barbering. She has been training with Bert for over 2 years and has many raving reviews. She is now ready to contribute her talent to the sharpening world.

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